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Food and Nutrition

How important is it to eat a variety of foods that build your immune system? Often the stresses of daily life, work pressure and rapid pace of modern living contribute to fuel an unhealthy eating regimen that can be deadly. Eating has a great deal to do with our overall wellness. As the sayings goes, you are what you eat. Healthy foods contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs to protect itself from dangerous toxins and imbalance that lead to sicknesses.


Food as Natural Medicine

How Foods Build A Healthy Immune System

Foods act as natural medicines, which the body needs to develop a healthy immune system. The immune system is our body’s defensive network directed to ward off attack of toxic substances, including bacteria, viruses, and detrimental chemicals that may lead to the growth of cancer. Taken alone or in addition with therapies and treatments, foods can be potent healing substances. However, consuming the wrong foods such as highly processed, nutrient-deficient foods can lower your immune response and weaken the body’s self-healing capacity, making the body indisposed due to its inability to avert infection and malignancy. Eating the proper foods will build an efficient immune system and fuel up your body to battle chemical stresses in the body more effectively. We need to know which foods can work for our benefit.


Basically, we need to consume a variety of whole foods which contain essential nutrients, micronutrients and vitamins that work in synergy to achieve the most beneficial effect in our bodies. These whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains act as powerful protector of the body and build up an effective immune system to fight disease and imbalance. We need to be sure that our diet is rich with antioxidants and contain enough of the nutrients that the body needs to be protected from harmful foreign organisms and toxic byproducts or free radicals in the body.